One advantage of Eurail…

One advantage of a Eurail Pass is that it allows you to hop on and hop off trains all day long. That’s what happened when we left Geneva and crossed Switzerland.

We went from Geneva to a small town where we met some friends. After that it was on to Bern. And after Bern, Thun.

After divesting ourselves of our bags, we went back to Bern and spent the evening floating down the river and downing some beers with friends. Then it was back to Thun for a good night’s sleep. And all the transport was hassle-free thanks to our Eurail Pass. It also helps when you’re not counting every journey you do, but enjoying as much travel as you want to on one of your “on” days.


Validating your Eurail Pass

On day one of our Euro rail adventure, we headed from Geneva to Thun with

The ride was smooth and beautiful, plus we were met by a friend in Bern and had a great time exploring the local towns, floating down the river towards the parliament buildings, and hanging out with new-found friends at a few parties.

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