All expenses paid trip through Europe?

If you can write then this might be your chance for a great four-six week, all expenses paid trip.

With a hat-tip to hostelbloggers, The Independent and SABMiller Breweries are giving away a European tour worth five thousand quid! With an extra thousand pounds to spend along the way. The trip takes you to seven countries – The Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary and Holland.

Entry is as easy as 200 words on the city you’d most like to visit. I’d recommend

a) Choosing a city from the prize-tour countries.
b) Polishing your writing — competition will be fierce.
c) Not over-doing the beer angle; too cliched.
d) If you can point to your travel blog in the application it might score in your favour.

If you win, you have to visit SABMiller breweries in each country. You might even get to drink some beer too.

Enter now. Good luck! And make sure you let us know when you win.

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