What to read?

One of the great joys of train travel is all that time to catch up on reading. We’re excited to have come across the bookstore guide right at the same time TravelBlogs has released their reading lists for 2008.

Sonja and Ivan are travelling around Europe exploring the bookshops. The bookshops! It’s a geek’s dream and their early posts are a great sign of things to come. With a relaxed and personal tone it’s full of information.

A recent report on Paris touches on some of my favourite haunts: Shakespeare & Co and the San Francisco book company amongst them. I also found out about a few new places to check out on my next visit — the Abbey looks especially inviting.

If you happen to find yourself in, let’s say Amsterdam or Berlin or any other city, we hope that this Bookstore Guide will help you find the books you are looking for so make sure you stop and browse…

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With Christmas coming…

With Christmas coming I was excited to stumble across this great-looking book, perfect for the Eurail enthusiast. It would make a great gift for someone heading to Europe during the holidays or celebrating their graduation with a Eurotrip adventure.

Europe by Eurail 2009: Touring Europe by Train is hot off the press and ready to help you plan a Eurail journey in the new year. It contains route information, timetables and plenty of advice from seasoned Eurail pros.

Looking for gifts for other travelers this Christmas? Get the free “Gift ideas for travelers” download from Indie Travel Podcast to browse through heaps of great ideas. If you really want to splash out and celebrate, you can buy Eurail Passes for next Spring at heavily discounted prices.

Christmas should be a time to give, so we’re supporting Passports with Purpose. This charity fundraiser is in support of Heifer International and is run by a small group of travel bloggers. It’s well worth a look.

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