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What’s a Eurail pass?

A Eurail Pass is a train pass available to non-European residents. There are various types of pass which allow travel in different countries for different amounts of time. Read about the different types of pass >>

What’s Eurail Stories?

Eurail Stories is a place to share your experiences and ideas on Eurail travel. It’s a place to get motivated, pick up some tips and share your dreams and fears. Whether you’ve been or you’re going Eurailing, we hope Eurail Stories offers you something great.

Can I share my stories or video?

Yes, please do! Check out the “share” page >>

If you want to document your whole journey, contact us about a free blog where you can upload photos, text and video.

Who are you guys?

Eurail Stories is written by travellers from around the world. By you, perhaps. Craig the admin is a code-monkey and podcaster who who spent most of 2006 to 2008 catching trains around Europe. Mark the Tip brings his personal Euro-trip experience to the table along with scouring the ‘net for great articles by others. Jo the Discount drops in from time to time with great discounts and special deals on Eurail passes, books and gear to keep us all travelling further.

The people who really make this site tick the people who live to tell the tale! Pound that keyboard and tell us your Eurail Story.

Where’s the small print?

We’re not lawyers, but here it is.

We offer the best advice we can but, at the end of the day, accept no responsibility for your actions or their consequences. Treat this site like a you’d trust a hostel story: season with a grain of salt and your own common sense. All content, forum posts and comments belongs to the author or creator of said material. We use tracking software to monitor statistics and affiliate programmes: no personal information will ever be sold or passed on unless explicitly stated so or needed to complete a sale, etc.

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